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Benefits Of Having An Affiliate Program Management

The process of recruiting affiliates might be a tough task but not for the agencies. For the reason that, this is their area of specialisation. Ranging from finding websites with a niche, finding similar websites to your company's and then finding who links to them.

Also, recruiting affiliates within the affiliate network itself (I.e leveraging both paid and free opportunities), finding contact information for all of the websites already found. Furthermore, sending out emails to all recruited affiliates, tracking responses from recruited affiliate, sending out follow-up emails to those who haven't replied and ensuring activation of the on-boarded affiliate partners.

Certainly, this takes a lot of time, focus and expertise. All the more, this is one advantage up the sleeves of our agency.

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Gratis' Role In Managing Your Affiliate Program

At Gratis, we employ our expertise in the field of affiliate management to give your company the desired results.

Even more, with our experience and proven track record, connections within affiliate networks and technology providers, also our own affiliate database segmented by affiliate types and niches, our robust tools for affiliate discovery, management compliance policing, our representation capabilities at key industry shows and events and direct interest in your affiliate programs, we got you covered.


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